EventTicketsCenter Reviews 2016 - Legit & Safe?


EventTicketsCenter Reviews 2016 | Is it Legit, Safe & Reliable?

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What You Need To Know About EventTicketsCenter

Our EventTicketsCenter Review 2016 – Is EventTicketsCenter Legit?

It should not be a surprise anymore if online ticket brokers are becoming really popular these days. This is just an effect of the transition of people to mobile and virtual processes. Among the numerous online brokers today is EventTicketsCenter.com. This company offers a lot of great tickets for a number of events which will occur within the next few months around the country. Once the event has already been scheduled and tickets are released, then you can expect to see listings on the website. EventTicketsCenter reviews are very important in making a decision to choose the company to transact with or not. But when it comes to the delivery and the authenticity of the tickets, the company is definitely reliable. Online ticket brokers september not have similar prices for tickets to the same events. These companies base their prices on the supply and demand of the tickets and the prices that the primary sellers also imposed. This price differences and fluctuations september confuse some customers as stated in some EventTicketsCenter reviews. Also, you can check our Legit TicketCity Reviews 2016 for more ticket savings.

the company is definitely reliable when it comes to the delivery and the authenticity of the tickets.

EventTicketsCenter Reviews 2016 – What Is It?

There are quite a number of EventTicketsCenter reviews that mention both the positive and the negative aspects of the business. EventTicketsCenter is in fact a legit secondary broker which resells tickets at a higher value compared to the prices that the primary brokers sell at. Unfortunately tickets with face value prices get sold out really quickly. This is where secondary brokers enter since they have those tickets but offer them at a higher price. This is the exact reason why some people think that brokers are just people who scam customers legally. The EventTicketsCenter reviews are mixed and it september be useful if customers read them before finalizing any transactions.

EventTicketsCenter Reviews 2016 – What I Like

Compared to other ticket brokers online like Ticketmaster, this company is relatively smaller but it is trying its very best to provide the same level of service to customers as manifested by EventTicketsCenter reviews. One of the things that customers like with this company is its accurate delivery service. Even the negative reviews admit that they received the tickets, and the negative reviews were totally about another thing. Some customers claim that the tickets were received right on schedule. The company even sends an email that the tickets were already sent and that they should be expecting them on a certain date. Many EventTicketsCenter reviews applaud this kind of service.

Customers claim that the tickets were received right on schedule.

EventTicketsCenter Reviews 2016 – What I Didn’t Like

Majority of the EventTicketsCenter reviews which were negative were talking about the prices of the tickets that were sold to them. Many of the unsatisfied customers accused the company of being a rip off for charging over a hundred percent over the face value of the tickets. These complaints are pretty common among broker reviews and EventTicketsCenter reviews are not an exemption. Sometimes customers write these reviews because they do not know that these brokers gain profit from the markup fees and service charges. Because the tickets that customers are buying are from the secondary market, the brokers are entitled to charge an additional fee because they were the ones who looked for the tickets instead of you. It is often not just an issue of typing the search phrase into Google to find your tickets.

Majority of the reviews which were negative were talking about the prices of the tickets that were sold to them.

EventTicketsCenter Reviews 2016 – Overall Thoughts

According to EventTicketsCenter reviews, the company is a legit business and it cannot be denied that looking for exclusive and hard to find tickets will be easier on this website. If you are contemplating on purchasing from this site but you are unsure because of the reviews talking about the prices of the tickets, you can always visit their website first and take a look at the prices for your favorite events. Click the link below to visit EventTicketsCenter.com

The company is a legit business and looking for exclusive and hard to find tickets will be easier on this website.

Visit site now

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Conclusion Rating
EventTicketsCenter Guarantee
5 stars
Is EventTicketsCenter Reliable?
5 stars
Is EventTicketsCenter Legit?
5 stars
EventTicketsCenter Ticket Prices
4 stars
EventTicketsCenter Last Minute Ticket Availability
4 stars
EventTicketsCenter Phone Support
3 stars
EventTicketsCenter Email Support
4 stars
Is EventTicketsCenter Safe?
5 stars

14 Comments/Reviews

  • shana says:
    1 stars

    Didnt realize they were a ticket broker, i blame myself. However, they only offered one price for my tickets at 105$ each, two days latwr they are $64 in the same section. They also charged me 64$ worth of service fees. Like i said i blame myself, but i will definitely makebsure everyone knows of their crazy fees. I realize the person selling the tickets probably listed thay price kind of like stubhub, i just feel theyvshould offer a little bit more protection to their customers. Also, why the heck do they chaege 64$ worth of fees?? So when i go to the concert joe schmoe sitting next to me will have paid 179$ including fees for his tickets (since this is now the price on their website) and i paid 290$ including fees. Im an idiot for not doing more reaearch. Never again.

  • Bruce Letchworth says:
    1 stars

    I purchased tickets from eventticketcenter as a gift. I payed a lot of money for front row seats but it was a gift so I didn’t mind paying a lot. The tickets ended up being 27th row. They literally had better seats available at the box office entering the show.

  • Lana Peterson says:
    2 stars

    I would stay away if I were you. Fraudulent advertising and terrible customer service. Tried to convince me that Orchestra seats (which I bought) were the same thing as Floor seats which I received. Inconsiderate and fees are overpriced. Never again!

  • Melissa Grusche says:
    1 stars

    They did not clearly label their site as a ticket reseller and greatly marked up the price of my ticket.

  • Sharon Lewis says:
    4 stars

    We actually were able to buy tickets from them in Switzerland, which is where we live. We traveled to the US for a business trip and wanted to get tickets to a concert. Everything worked out well, except having to pay a hefty price for our tickets.

  • Robert says:
    3 stars

    I actually had a good experience with event ticket center. I just didn’t like the high service fee that they added on the checkout page which I did not realize at first when looking at tickets. With only a few days left before the event, we didn’t have much choice. Tickets should be arriving via email.

  • Christopher Shaker says:
    1 stars

    Not sure how I got linked to the Event Tickets Center from monqui.com. I did NOT realize that they are SCALPERS. What a ream job. I also was NOT told about the $153.44 Service Fee. All told, I got raped. $716.44 for two $109 tickets.

  • Sonja Abshire says:

    They charged me almost double the price that the venue itself was charging!(unfortunately I found this out right after purchasing from here) They not only charged $15 for delivery but then there was $18.76 x2 added on!! I did communicate with them and also with ticket galaxy trying to obtain some of my money back. Nobody would help me at all. NOT happy that they charged me so much! Crazy! Now, we will see if I actually receive my tickets! I will NEVER do business here again & urge everyone else to order elsewhere also!

  • Dave Bowling says:

    Upset that I sat near people who paid 1/3 what I paid. Made my night and the event unpleasant. no repeat customer here!!

  • John Miller says:
    3 stars

    Ticket we got from EventTicketsCenter were OK. The price was a bit for us, but this was a big event that we had to attend. Next time we need tickets though I’ll probably look around first and compare prices.

  • Kim says:
    1 stars

    Do not buy tickets from this site, they are not legitimate. They told me they electronically transferred the tickets to my name but did not. Fortunately was still allowed in after spending 40 minutes at customer service counter so was late to event and told not to use this vendor for tickets.

  • Tiare says:
    1 stars

    I did not receive my tickets when it was due. It came a day late, and when i did receive my ticket, it’s no until AFTER I received it did I realize how high it had been marked up. My ticket was 45.00, issued to a completely different person and they charged me $142.00. They said $15 was for the shipping and who knows what the rest of the money was used for. I was very nice when inquiring about the cost of the ticket, but the person who responded was rude and didn’t explain any further what the extra costs were. There are many places to buy tickets from… DON’T purchase from this consumer. It’s a huge ripoff and good luck calling and trying to get a real person. The whole operation seems very fishy.

  • Ann Landers says:

    Today I ordered two tickets from events tickets center and was charged twice for the service charge for 31.92X2+ 63.84. At the age of 76 I do not like being charged twice for a service charge.

  • Frank Webb says:
    4 stars

    Purchased 2 tickets from EventTicketsCenter recently. We didn’t have any problems, except that we were put on hold for awhile on the phone before speaking to their customer support. Besides that all was well. Thanks for the tickets.

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